Bad Breath: Causes and Solutions

Bad breath, also known as halitosis, is an embarrassing but all-too-common problem. Sometimes bad breath can be alleviated by avoiding certain foods, but in other cases bad breath is directly related to poor oral hygiene or specific, sometimes serious, problems with the teeth or mouth. Ardmore, Pennsylvania area dentist Lindsey Marshall, DMD, can help you determine the source of your bad breath and eliminate it. Causes of Bad Breath What you eat can greatly alter the smell of your breath. Foods like coffee, onions or garlic are well known for causing short-term bad breath. Other causes of bad breath, though, are harder to determine and sometimes harder to treat. These causes can include :

Solutions for Bad Breath Improving your dental hygiene by brushing and flossing regularly can produce immediate results. For some people, however, even thorough oral care does not reach bacteria that collect in the back of the mouth, and it cannot eliminate bad breath that occurs due to illness or as a side effect of medications. If your bad breath persists, and you are unsure of the source, Dr. Marshall can help determine the cause of your chronic bad breath and the best way to eliminate it. If you suffer from bad breath and need help eliminating this embarrassing problem, please contact Lindsey Marshall, DMD, at her Ardmore, Pennsylvania area dentistry offices to schedule an appointment or consultation.

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