Don’t let the Holiday Hustle and Bustle Affect your Mouth

bruxism philadelphia paIt’s that time of year when Elf seems to be streaming endlessly on numerous just about every TV channel; when the scent of hot apple cider invites us into every store at the mall. Oh, how we love the holiday season and all the fun it brings! At the same time, we would be fooling ourselves if we didn’t also recognize the inherent stress that rides along the winter months. As your Ardmore dentist, Dr. Marshall offers friendly services in a tranquil environment to help your holiday smile stay bright. Our caring dental team also wants to help you avoid problems that may stem from the added stress of the season.

Did you know that stress could show up in your mouth? This could seem like an odd statement, but the fact is that stress often leads people to grind their teeth or clench their jaw. What is so interesting about this habit, called bruxism, is that it happens when you sleep. So if you do it, you probably don’t know it. It is for this reason that holiday stressors (and any stress, really) need to be carefully managed.

Tips for Happy, Healthy Holidays

  • Create a mindful stress management practice. This doesn’t mean you have to learn to meditate or do yoga. It could mean that you take a walk during your lunch hour, or just find a quiet place to sit and listen to your favorite music. Stress management is a personal endeavor, and one that is really important.
  • Consume caffeine more carefully. Even those who would describe themselves as a coffee lover can be adversely affected by large amounts of caffeine. Experts suggest that we cut off caffeine intake in the early afternoon in order to have a peaceful mind at bedtime.
  • Watch alcohol consumption, too. Usually, alcohol is thought to have a sedative effect. Initially, it does, but hours after those cocktails, the mind and body are more stimulated in order to burn off alcohol sugars. This could mean that your subconscious becomes more active, as well, which could encourage bruxism.

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