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Everything you need to know about dental bridges

There are many options available to patients who are considering tooth replacement options, including dental bridges, dental implants, partial dentures, full dentures, and implant-retained dentures. But one of the most popular is that of the dental bridge, and for good reason—this “middle of the road” option is effective, natural-looking, non-removable, and often economical. Dr. Lindsey… [Read more]

Learn about the advantages of dental bridges

At the practice of Dr. Lindsey F. Marshall of Ardmore, PA, new and existing patients have the opportunity to achieve a more beautiful smile—even when problems such as tooth loss occur. Replacing missing teeth doesn’t have to be overwhelming or expensive. In fact, many patients choose dental bridges as a way of replacing one or… [Read more]

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Could a Dental Bridge Give You Back Your Smile?

Losing a tooth can mean losing your desire to smile. Fortunately, modern dentistry offers affordable long-term solutions for people who want to get their smile back in working order as quickly as possible. The dental bridge is the original model of partial tooth replacement that proved to be efficient. While we have advanced quite a… [Read more]

How Should You Bridge That Gap?

Not so long ago, if a person were to lose a tooth, there was little, if anything that would be done to restore the appearance and functionality of the smile. Chewing capabilities would be altered, and remaining teeth would most likely shift, causing cosmetic problems. Today, we can bridge gaps between teeth, literally, with dental… [Read more]

Dental Bridges

A Bridge Not Too Far

If you’re missing a tooth or a few teeth, you have two basic options for filling the gap. Dr. Marshall’s first choice is a dental implant to replace every missing tooth, as implants are the strongest option and they function exactly as your natural teeth did before. But a less involved way to “bridge” the… [Read more]

Dental Implant-Supported Dental Bridges

Dental implants can be used with a dental bridge for a stronger, more stable way to replace multiple missing teeth. You may benefit from a dental implant-supported bridge if: You are missing multiple teeth, side-by-side. The missing teeth are located where chewing forces exerted on individual dental implants could damage and break the implants. By… [Read more]

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