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Five benefits of dental implants

Dental implants are a popular choice for patients tin Ardmore, PA who are faced with tooth loss. These restorations are highly desirable for many reasons. They provide benefits that no other alternative, such as bridges or dentures, can offer. Below are just a few of the primary reasons why patients will choose to have dental… [Read more]

Reasons to keep your dental implant clean

It is no surprise that dental implants are one of the most popular methods of replacing missing teeth today. With continued advances in the field of dentistry, patients are now shying away from partial dentures and bridges and considering the many benefits that dental implants provide. Dr. Lindsey Marshall and her team are dedicated to… [Read more]

When should I consider dental implants?

While the loss of baby teeth is part of the development of the smile, the loss of adult teeth is not. Once you have your permanent, adult teeth, you need to care for them properly so they will last a lifetime. But what if the unexpected happens? What if trauma knocks out a permanent tooth… [Read more]

Why should I consider dental implants?

Extracted or lost teeth within the smile may be normal during the natural development as children, when the baby teeth are lost to make room for permanent teeth. These permanent teeth, or adult teeth, are intended to last a lifetime with proper care. However, if patients experience disease or decay that causes them to lose… [Read more]

Are you considering dental implants for tooth replacement?

Maintaining a beautiful smile starts with proper oral healthcare habits. Dr. Lindsey Marshall and her team in Ardmore, PA are committed to providing patients with a range of restorative options when teeth have been extracted or lost to ensure the smile stays attractive and healthy. Many patients are excited to learn more about dental implants… [Read more]

How impacted food can affect dental implants

Dr. Lindsey F. Marshall of Ardmore, PA can help patients restore their smile with the placement and restoration of dental implants. With reasonable and proper care, many patients will enjoy their dental implants for many, many years. Unfortunately, there are times where a dental implant may fail. In the rare instances that this occurs, one… [Read more]

How Are Dental Implants Used to Restore Smiles?

Missing teeth can make patients feel self-conscious about their appearance when they smile, talk, or laugh with others. It may also impact their ability to properly eat or speak. When patients experience a lost or extracted tooth, they need to work with a dental professional to restore their smile afterwards. There are many ways for… [Read more]

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