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How women’s hormones can impact oral health

We all have hormones that are part of being an adult. Hormones such as progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone should be at the right levels for the best in overall health and wellness. However, there are times when hormones are at a different balance that can impact the way we feel. Hormonal imbalances can also cause… [Read more]

The impact of transformative dentistry

When patients have several different problems present in their smile, they may feel as though their smile is beyond repair. Fortunately, with the help of Dr. Lindsey Marshall and her team in Ardmore, PA, many patients can enjoy the benefits of transformative dentistry. Transformative dentistry is a way to restore the smile’s natural appearance and… [Read more]

Here are the five benefits of flossing

Taking care of the smile at home is incredibly important to one’s oral health and wellness. Home healthcare is key to reducing the risk of developing conditions such as periodontal disease and tooth decay. Dr. Lindsey Marshall of Ardmore, PA encourages patients to book an appointment to learn more about how they can care for… [Read more]

What is the best and most proper brushing technique?

Dr. Lindsey Marshall and her team of professionals in Ardmore, PA work closely with patients to help them learn about ways to prevent the development of common dental concerns, including gum disease and tooth decay. With preventive, proactive care, many patients can keep their smiles healthy for life! Many patients who visit our team of… [Read more]

How to stop tooth pain

Your dentist is an integral part of your overall heath, and can provide the treatments needed to maintain a lifetime of healthy smiles. When problems arise, it is always a smart idea to speak to a professional to get a proper diagnosis and treatment recommendation. If tooth pain occurs, it is often the sign of… [Read more]

Why dental x-rays are important in dentistry

Dr. Lenny Slepchik of Montreal, Quebec is a dentist who encourages patients to take a proactive approach to dental care. Patients of the area can work with him to not only seek treatment for dental concerns, but to maintain their oral health with routine dental visits. Recall appointments should be scheduled for every six months.… [Read more]

How does smoking impact my oral health?

Patients who ask our dental providers about the ways to improve their oral health are often not surprised to learn that some habits, such as smoking cigarettes, can impact their smile in a number of ways. Smoking is not only unhealthy for the body, putting it at risk for a wide range of physical and… [Read more]

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Oral Health During Pregnancy

Pregnancy has a way of turning a woman’s life upside down in the best possible way. Between that baby bump and breathing methods and baby showers, we can hardly expect a mom-to-be to put much thought into her smile. That’s our job. If you are in the whirlwind time of pregnancy, we want you to… [Read more]

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