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Hookah Bad for Oral Health and Beauty

A report earlier this year by a local CBS affiliate found that the popularity of smoking hookah is on the rise in Philadelphia. Though a water pipe might seem safer than a cigarette, the use of any tobacco product comes with severe health risks. Before undergoing cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Lindsey Marshall will evaluate your candidacy… [Read more]

How Can NuCalm Help Me Relax?

Dr. Lindsey Marshall recently added NuCalm technology to her office, providing patients who are anxious about an appointment a way to relax without the use of drugs. If you’d like to learn more about comfort dentistry in or around Main Line, Pennsylvania, Dr. Marshall can discuss your concerns and recommend options for managing your stress.… [Read more]

How Dental Health Becomes General Health

Your body is a massive, interconnected system. Problems that start in one area of your body don’t stay there. This is one point that experienced general dentist Dr. Lindsey Marshall emphasizes to her Ardmore-area patients. Dental health is general health, and if your teeth and gums aren’t healthy, your body won’t be healthy for long.… [Read more]

Babies and Oral Hygiene

Even in infancy, your child needs to have their teeth and gums cared for. For babies, oral hygiene may initially consist of simply wiping your child’s gums with a warm, soft washcloth after feeding. As teeth begin to develop, wiping the gums after feeding will help keep teeth clean as well, and provide some relief… [Read more]

The Effect of Aging on Your Teeth

Like the rest of your body, your teeth will change with age in ways you may not have anticipated. Much of this has to do with how well you cared for your teeth in your younger years. Factors including nutrition, dental hygiene and teeth cleaning, prompt restorative care, and avoiding bad habits – such as… [Read more]

What Your Teeth Say about Your General Health

Your teeth provide Philadelphia dentist Dr. Lindsey Marshall, more information about your general health than you may realize. During your regularly scheduled dental hygiene and teeth cleaning appointments, Dr. Marshall can detect signs of problems that extend beyond your mouth, making these biannual visits an important part of your overall healthcare routine. Below are some… [Read more]

General Oral Hygiene

One of the most important and effective ways to keep your teeth and mouth healthy is general, everyday oral hygiene. Without constant care, your teeth are more likely to develop decay, and you are more likely to develop gum disease. In addition, visiting your dentist twice a year helps ensure that any developing problems are… [Read more]

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