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What exactly is periodontal disease?

If you have recently visited the dental office of Dr. Lindsey Marshall, you may have heard of the phrase “periodontal disease.” What is it, and how is it detrimental to your health? What is periodontal disease? Periodontal disease is another phrase that refers to “gum disease.” Gum disease is an infection that can develop within… [Read more]

Addressing a gummy smile

Are you self-conscious about how much your gums stand out when you smile? Do you feel embarrassed by the appearance of your smile due to this excess gum tissue? Do you want to finally do something about it to enhance your overall appearance? Dr. Lindsey Marshall and her associates are here to help! Ardmore, PA… [Read more]

What Roles Does a Dentist Play in Treating Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal disease, or “gum disease,” is an aggressive infection that can impact a patient’s oral health. Dr. Lindsey Marshall of Ardmore, PA is a dedicated professional who works directly with her patients in avoiding, diagnosing, and combatting periodontal disease. This condition, which is completely avoidable, can be damaging to the health of the smile. It… [Read more]

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Gum Health can be a Tricky Matter

More and more lately, we hear about the need for oral care as a preventive measure against gum disease. Most of us own at least one spool of dental floss. We may even own a Waterpik or other irrigation device. After brushing, we may rinse with antibacterial mouthwash, and we may drink water throughout the… [Read more]

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Are you Remembering the Basics?

We all master certain activities throughout our lifetime. Once, we didn’t know how to walk; now we can do so without thinking. We have all been brushing our teeth for many, many years, which means we can also do this without thinking. In fact, this is exactly what a large majority of adults do. We… [Read more]

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Gingivitis Beyond the Listerine Commercials

Gingivitis. Everyone’s heard that term, but when most Americans can’t name a single Supreme Court judge, do you think they could really tell you what gingivitis is? In reality, people being at all familiar with the term is probably more due to the ad budget of Listerine than knowledge of dental health. But Dr. Marshall… [Read more]

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