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Improve your smile using gum recontouring procedures

Different cosmetic concerns can arise for patients, but a gummy smile is a little different than a chipped or misaligned tooth. However, it can make a big impact on the way a person looks. Instead of accepting the appearance of a gummy smile, patients in the Ardmore, PA area can speak with a professional dentist… [Read more]

Addressing a gummy smile

Are you self-conscious about how much your gums stand out when you smile? Do you feel embarrassed by the appearance of your smile due to this excess gum tissue? Do you want to finally do something about it to enhance your overall appearance? Dr. Lindsey Marshall and her associates are here to help! Ardmore, PA… [Read more]

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Am I a candidate for gum recontouring

While cosmetic dentistry often focuses on the appearance of the teeth, there are aspects of dentistry that also want to ensure the gums are contributing to a beautiful cosmetic look as well. When the gums are uneven of detract from the appearance of the smile, they may need to be improved with a cosmetic dentistry… [Read more]

Gum Recontouring Ardmore, PA

Gum Contouring is an Option for Gummy Smiles

At the practice of Dr. Lindsey F. Marshall, patients in the community of Ardmore, PA have access to some of the most advanced solutions in cosmetic dentistry. This includes gum recontouring procedures for patients who have a “gummy smile.” What is a gummy smile? When patients smile and their teeth seem smaller and shorter when… [Read more]

What Are the Sign of Gum Disease?

Gum disease is a very common, but very serious condition that can lead to a whole host of problems. Many people suffer from gum disease without even realizing that they have it. Gum disease can have horrible effects upon the structures that support your teeth; known as the periodontium. If your periodontium becomes unhealthy, it… [Read more]

Gum Recontouring

For some people, excess gum tissue may cause teeth to seem small or misshapen by covering too much of the tooth’s surface. This is what’s known as a “gummy smile.” Aesthetic gum problems can be embarrassing, compromising an otherwise beautiful smile. Thankfully, gum recontouring can address this problem and transform your appearance. An uneven gum… [Read more]

What is Gum Recontouring?

Even if you have straight, healthy teeth, your smile may suffer aesthetically if you have excessive gum tissue. If your gum tissue covers too much of your tooth, it can make your teeth appear small and create the appearance of a “gummy smile.” Philadelphia cosmetic dentistry can help restore your self-confidence with gum recontouring. The… [Read more]

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