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How Long Does Invisalign Take?

Invisalign® has a treatment length comparable to that of metal braces. Depending on your unique case, your Invisalign treatment could take anywhere between 6 months or a couple of years to complete. Severe bite problems and tooth crookedness tends to require more time. As you and Dr. Lindsey Marshall plan your Invisalign® treatment, she will determine… [Read more]

What Problems does Invisalign fix?

Invisalign® can address a variety of bite problems. Of course, the only way to know for sure is to visit our experienced dentist Dr. Lindsey Marshall. After an examination of your teeth and bite, Dr. Marshall can determine if Invisalign is capable of achieving your goals and if there are any alternatives you may want… [Read more]

Can Invisalign fix Crowding?

Invisalign can treat a wide range of tooth and bite problems, including certain cases of: Crowding Gaps between teeth Bite misalignment Crooked teeth Protruding teeth You must have a comprehensive examination by an experienced dentist in order to know if Invisalign can correct your crowding. Invisalign can treat most cases of tooth crowding, but it… [Read more]

Invisalign® in Philadelphia

Invisalign® is an exciting and advanced option for treating mild to moderate malocclusion. As opposed to traditional orthodontic treatment with obtrusive and painful wire and bracket braces, Invisalign uses a series of clear plastic aligner trays to gently and discreetly straighten your teeth over a 12 to 18 month period. Philadelphia Invisalign dentist Dr. Lindsey… [Read more]

Good Candidates for Invisalign®

Invisalign® has proven to be an effective orthodontic treatment, often capable of straightening teeth in 12 months or less. Invisalign® can address a wide range of minor bite issues, including crossbite, overbite, underbite, gaps, and crowded teeth. In order to be a good Invisalign® candidate, you will need to be: Over the age of 13… [Read more]

Invisalign® vs. Traditional Braces

When it comes to orthodontic treatment, Invisalign® offers several advantages over traditional braces. Although traditional braces remain an effective option, many adults feel uncomfortable with their aesthetic experience, especially in social and professional settings. Invisalign® eliminates the need for brackets and wires, using a series of optically clear plastic aligners to straighten your teeth instead.… [Read more]

What is Invisalign?

Orthodontic treatment is often thought of as an adolescent rite of passage. In truth, while many pre-teens and teenagers do find themselves sporting traditional braces, more and more adults are also choosing to have orthodontic work. For many of these people, Invisalign provides orthodontic correction without the discomfort and distracting appearance of traditional metal braces.… [Read more]

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