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Spring Clean Your Smile Without Breaking the Bank

At the start of spring, everyone assesses their wardrobe to find the best options for augmenting their look. If you live in the Philadelphia area and your smile could use refreshed after a winter of hot chocolate and rich foods, tooth whitening is a cost-effective way to rejuvenate your appearance. Though some patients are able… [Read more]

How Does Zoom! Tooth Whitening Work?

If you’re thinking about teeth bleaching, you’ve likely heard of Philips Zoom! Zoom tooth whitening has gained a deserved reputation for being a fast, reliable solution for a brighter smile. Patients who visit Dr. Marshall for in-office teeth whitening in the Philadelphia area often rave about the results they are able to get with Zoom!… [Read more]

Tooth Whitening for a New Year’s Smile

Fireworks are a fixture of New Year’s Eve, a way to welcome a time of beginnings with a bang. Do you want your smile to have the same astonishing impact? Philadelphia dentist Dr. Lindsey Marshall might recommend teeth whitening to restore luster to your smile. If you are happy with the overall shape and symmetry… [Read more]

Is Tooth Whitening Effective on Dental Work?

The bleaching agents used by dentists are designed to penetrate tooth enamel to break up stains and return whiteness to your smile. Enamel is very different from ceramic and other materials used to repair teeth. If you live in or around Philadelphia, Dr. Lindsey Marshall can discuss the benefits and limitations of tooth whitening. No… [Read more]

Is OTC Teeth Whitening Cheaper Than Professional Treatment?

Like any investment, people considering cosmetic dentistry want to get the biggest benefit for their smile at a price that is well within their budget. When patients visit Dr. Lindsey Marshall at her Ardmore office, many of them find that the dramatic advantages of professional tooth whitening far exceed any extra cost. Over the counter… [Read more]

9 Foods to Avoid for Whiter Teeth

Many patients who visit Dr. Lindsey Marshall want to know how to make their smiles as bright as possible. Although teeth whitening is often an ideal option for removing stains and restoring the shine to your teeth, our Philadelphia dentist can also recommend the best way to prevent stains from forming as well. Some patients… [Read more]

Tooth Whitening Cost in Philadelphia

Cosmetic dentistry is dedicated to helping a patient’s smile looks its best while maintaining the health and function of the teeth. For patients who need only minor adjustments to achieve the appearance they want, Philadelphia cosmetic dentist Dr. Lindsey Marshall can recommend several different tooth whitening options based on cost and other factors. Tooth whitening… [Read more]

Is Zoom! Tooth Whitening Suitable for Sensitive Teeth?

Whether you grind your teeth or eat a diet high in acids, tooth enamel can wear away over time, exposing the tissue below the surface (called dentin) and causing sensitivity. Even if you have sensitive teeth, though, Philadelphia dentist Dr. Lindsey Marshall can make adjustments to the Zoom tooth whitening process to brighten your smile… [Read more]

What is KoR Tooth Whitening?

KoR tooth whitening is an innovative whitening system. KoR uses customized take-home trays to whiten your teeth, plus the option of an in-office treatment to optimize your tooth whitening results. The advantages of KoR tooth whitening includes: Removes surface stains as well as tough chemical stains, such as those caused by tetracycline. Customized trays seal… [Read more]

Tooth Whitening for Darkened Teeth

Tooth whitening can remove tooth stains caused by many different things. Darkened, yellowed or otherwise discolored teeth can be embarrassing, and tooth whitening provides a relatively fast, simple way to brighten your smile. Some of the causes of darkened teeth include : Aging, which wears away some of the enamel on your teeth and reveals more… [Read more]

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