March into the New Year with a Beautiful, Healthy Smile

Cosmetic Dentistry Philadelphia | Lindsey F. Marshall DMDA New Year is just around the corner, and that means time to reflect on the old and look forward to the new. Resolutions may be calling out to you, and you want to choose wisely so you do not fall into that pitfall of losing track of your progress just a few months into the new year. In this post, we want to discuss the various ways in which you can conquer two vital resolutions – to look good and to preserve health – with high quality dentistry tailored to your needs.

Restoring Health

Dental problems affect more than you may imagine. When you’re in pain from an infected tooth, or even due to a small cavity, your attention is on that pain, not on your work, your family, or anything else. There is no need to live with that kind of discomfort. Patients who visit Ardmore dentist Dr. Lindsey Marshall are treated with dental techniques that resolve pain quickly, then move on to rebuilding tooth structure with durable, lifelike materials. From tooth-colored fillings to dental implants, we’ve got you covered.

Preserving Teeth and Gums

Once you have reached an optimal state of oral health, the goal is to stay there. Preventive dentistry plays a significant role in this achievement. The beauty of seeing the dentist every six months is that these convenient visits go a long way in helping you avoid conditions that may cause discomfort, and that will require restorative treatment.

Enhancing your Smile

New Year’s is one of the primary points at which people make a decision to look as good as they feel. While many resolutions revolve around losing weight or getting physically fit, we urge our patients to consider the immense value of cosmetic dentistry. When your smile radiates the brightness of your personality, you may smile more; and the more you smile, the better your mood! Studies have shown that an attractive smile boosts confidence, and also positively affects areas of life such as professional success.

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