Think Cosmetic Dentistry is Complicated? Think Again!

Cosmetic DentistryMillions of people seek cosmetic dental care to resolve an issue between them and their smile. There are numerous advantages to taking matters into your own hands when it comes to your smile. Multiple research reports have confirmed the value of attractive teeth. Handling cosmetic concerns benefits the patient in more ways than one usually imagines. Improved confidence is a starting point from which social and professional success sprout. If you think that cosmetic dentistry is a complicated matter, you may hesitate to take the first step toward your own personal smile makeover. Here, we will explore a few ways that we are improving smiles in just one visit.

Tooth-colored fillings and Dental Bonding
Modern dentistry has a much better way to repair cavities than what has previously been available. We are pleased to offer our patients mercury-free, tooth-colored fillings that restore a lifelike appearance right along with the structural foundation needed for chewing. Tooth-colored fillings can be made from composite and bonded to the tooth the same day. Another option for repair is a porcelain filling, which may require a follow-up visit for seating.

Dental bonding is a cosmetic process that can reinstate the natural appearance of enamel by disguising a small crack, chip, or other concern. The technique employed by Dr. Marshall involves shading, shaping, and curing composite resin with light before polishing the tooth to reveal it’s natural beauty.

Teeth whitening
The teeth whitening procedure has been available for so long now that many people forget it originated in the field of dentistry! There may be a number of commercial products to choose from, but none have been shown to remove stains to the same degree as professional treatment. In our Ardmore office, patients may choose to revive their smile in a single visit by taking advantage of the Zoom! Whitening System that lightens enamel by several shades in about an hour.

Dr. Marshall performs a number of cosmetic treatments, including porcelain veneers, lifelike dental crowns and bridges, and gum contouring. To see how we can help you address the cosmetic concerns you have about your smile, call (610) 649-0696.

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