How tooth-colored fillings can repair the smile in an aesthetic manner

Cavities are a severe yet common problem that can occur for many of our patients. At the practice of Dr. Lindsey F. Marshall, we understand that sometimes issues can happen, even tooth decay. However, the sooner the condition is diagnosed and the faster it is repaired, the more likely the patient will be able to achieve the smile they’ve wanted with no interruptions! Our practice focuses on aesthetic solutions such as tooth-colored fillings.

Why tooth-colored fillings?

Many dentists today use a variety of materials for restoring tooth enamel after dental caries has developed. This may include metals or silver amalgam. Unfortunately, these materials are incredibly noticeable within the smile, appearing dark where the repairs were made. By using alternative materials such as composite resin bonding, patients can rest easy that their restorations are not even noticeable to the rest of the world! Composite resin bonding is a tooth-colored material that blends in seamlessly with the teeth for a cosmetic repair.

Are tooth-colored fillings safe?

Tooth-colored fillings are prepared with the use of composite resin bonding. This material is entirely safe to be used within the smile. Composite resin bonding is also used for making repairs on other areas of the teeth. The same material can be shaped in place around the natural tooth to change its shape, size, or even to cover problems such as permanent staining, gapped teeth, or breakage. This material is versatile in dentistry and is the most aesthetic solution.

How long does it take to place tooth-colored fillings?

When patients come in to have their cavities addressed, they will be excited to learn that tooth-colored fillings can be placed quickly and easily in just one appointment with Dr. Lindsey F. Marshall.

Consider tooth-colored fillings today!

If you have been diagnosed with areas of decay and are considering your options for repairing the natural tooth, Dr. Lindsey F. Marshall of Ardmore, PA encourages you to book an appointment at her practice to discuss the benefits of tooth-colored fillings. The practice can be found in Suburban Square at 32 Parking Plaza, Suite 602, and can be contacted for an appointment by calling (610) 649-0696.

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