How can composite resin bonding be used?

Dental Bonding | Ardmore, PADr. Lindsey F. Marshall of Ardmore, PA is a dedicated dental professional who provides a myriad of treatment options in her practice, including general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry. In many situations, she may suggest a treatment such as composite resin bonding to an individual. This treatment is used in a number of different ways in dentistry.



What is composite resin bonding?

Composite resin bonding is a tooth-colored material that resembles a type of clay. It can be easily manipulated and formed before it is cured and polished. In most cases, it can be made to look just like natural tooth enamel. Composite resin bonding is versatile, and may be used in some of the following situations:

• Composite resin bonding can be used as a dental filling, addressing areas of tooth decay and keeping them from getting larger and more damaging.

• Composite resin bonding can be used to reshape a tooth that may have been damaged and chipped, ensuring no sharp edges remain.

• Composite resin bonding may be utilized to cover a tooth to disguise an imperfection in the same way a porcelain veneer may be used.

• Composite resin bonding may be utilized to create an illusion of no gap between two teeth that are separated from each other within the smile.

How is composite resin bonding applied to the smile?

Because composite resin bonding is like a moldable material, it can be used in various applications. First, the dentist will prepare the tooth for the bonding, which may include the removal of tooth decay or filing down of the treatment area. Then, the bonding is put in place and shaped before it is cured and hardened using a specialized light. Once hard, the bonding can be filed down and polished to look just like natural tooth enamel.

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