Revamp your Smile with Dental Bonding

Dental Bonding Philadelphia | Ardmore PAYour smile is an important part of you. It tells the people you meet about your personality, but sometimes it may give a false impression. You want your smile to accurately reflect who you are. Dullness and discoloration may send an unwanted message, that you are older or unfriendly. Chips and other damage may give the impression of less-than-optimal health, or even of laziness. It can be difficult to imagine that a smile could say so much, but research has demonstrated (time and time again) that it does. So let’s get yours in order!

The appearance of the smile can be improved in a number of ways. We might lift the shade of enamel with professional teeth whitening, or may correct a flaw with the appropriate veneer process. When most people think of veneers, it is the porcelain veneer treatment that comes to mind. There is another choice, though: dental bonding.

Dental Bonding: The Other Veneer

Dental bonding is a type of veneer, a direct veneer. This convenient treatment is commonly used to treat minor flaws such as a crack or chip, a stubborn stain, or exposed roots. The procedure requires meticulous technique in which quality resin is color-matched and then directly applied to the tooth. Once the material is shaped, hardened, and polished, it looks just like natural enamel.

There is a common perception that dental bonding is not up to par with the porcelain veneer process. The two are different in many aspects, but that does not mean that you cannot revamp your smile with a little bonding. In the right hands, this treatment can achieve a lot.

The bonding process is appealing for a number of reasons, including:

  • The affordable treatment takes just one office visit and achieves immediate results.
  • Natural appearance is achieved through precision shaping and polishing.
  • Results are reversible because no tooth reduction is necessary.

Are you even semi-discontent about the appearance of your smile? Do something about it! Contact our Bryn Mawr office to schedule a consultation and exam with experienced dentist Dr. Lindsey Marshall. Give us a call at (610) 649-0696.



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