Too Busy for your Teeth? Here’s why you Shouldn’t be!

dental health | ardmore paMost people we meet are pressed for time. Busyness seems to be the primary order of business in today’s society. If we’re not careful, we may find that we put certain things off again and again, until doing so backfires. Dental care is one of those things that can easily be postponed. If you take good care of your teeth every day, you may think that putting off your exam and cleaning is a harmless way to maximize your time. If you’re one who tends to feel anxious about any type of dental appointment, well, any reason to postpone care is a good enough reason.

Here are 3 reasons why you need to stop yourself from procrastinating in scheduling that dental visit:

1.Your face needs your teeth to be healthy. It is easy to look at your smile and appreciate the value of your teeth. It is teeth that make the smile what it is. But there’s more . . . teeth are also structurally necessary for the lower part of your face to look attractive and healthy. Imagine where your cheeks and lips would go if you had no teeth to hold them upright!
2.Your body needs your teeth to be healthy. Healthy teeth are functional teeth. They can chew food without pain. Chewing is something we do several times a day without even thinking about its true value. If your teeth cannot sufficiently break down food into small particles, the stomach must produce more acid for digestion to occur. This is not how it is supposed to be, so problems like bloating and stomach upset are likely side-effects.
3.YOU need your teeth to be healthy and attractive! If you were asked what aspect of a person’s appearance you notice first, chances are you would say their smile. Research supports the fact that an attractive smile is advantageous for both professional and social success.

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