Your Mouth is Telling Secrets

dental cleaningYou know that your dentist is primarily concerned with how well your teeth and gums fair as you go through life. Routine dental visits are performed as a way to prevent unhealthy dental conditions, to treat any problems that may have developed, and sometimes to repair a cosmetic issue. You may not have imagined that it is possible for your dentist to learn deeper things about you just by looking in your mouth. Truth be told, it’s not only possible, it’s also quite likely.

Here’s What your Mouth May Tell Us

  1. The flossing you did before your visit is pretty much the only flossing you’ve done since your last visit. The fact that your mouth will give you away may feel like betrayal. There is a benefit to this, though. We need to know why you’re not flossing so we can discuss ways to make this aspect of oral hygiene more appealing to you. If you only floss before your dental visit, your gums will appear red and inflamed instead of firm and pink.
  2. You’ve been stressed. Stress reveals itself in many ways. The condition of your teeth and gums is one of them. Often, stress will cause a person to clench their jaw or grind their teeth. This habit, called bruxism, will wear down the teeth that absorb all that force. The joints of the jaw, as well, may reveal the stress issue by becoming sore or still.
  3. You may have a health condition. Your mouth can reveal everything from diabetes to the potential for heart disease to an acid reflux problem. Diabetics, as well as those with heart conditions, may have more inflammation in the gums. Diabetes can also create a certain type of sweetness on the breath. Finally, acid reflux may be identified by erosion on posterior teeth.

It is our desire to help our patients sustain healthy teeth and gums, as well as optimal wellness. We offer routine exams and cleanings along with comprehensive services that protect and restore oral health. To schedule a visit in our Ardmore office, call (610) 649-0696.

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