Reasons You Need to Floss

dental flossYou are undoubtedly aware of the need to floss. Even if you don’t think about it on a daily basis, you certainly do when the time comes to sit in the dental chair. Just in case you didn’t know, your dentist and hygienist can tell if flossing is a priority even without asking. Also, it is important that you know that we understand when we see that a patient hasn’t been flossing the way we would like.

You Hold Immense Power
In the little string of floss lies a great deal of power, and you want to harness it whenever you can. How often do you hear about ways to keep yourself from experience disease and discomfort? Well, this is one of those times when you will. Flossing is the key to the prevention of oral disease. A short time spent each day is all it takes, but this habit can significantly reduce your risk for tooth decay, gum disease, and much more.

Oral disease begins with bacteria, and bacteria live in plaque. Plaque is a sticky biofilm that you cannot see, but is most likely present on or in between your teeth. Obviously, the toothbrush can only reach the chewing surface and sides of your teeth. In order to reach the full extent of plaque, you need to use that annoying string of floss. While the chore may seem tedious, the results are well worth the couple of minutes it takes.

There’s More to Prevention Than you may Think
Periodontal disease, or advanced gum disease, is the primary cause of tooth loss in adults. This condition affects almost three-quarters of the population aged 65 and over. The danger lies not only in the consequences but also in the subtle nature that makes gum disease so difficult to detect. By the time you show obvious symptoms of inflammation, such as swelling and bleeding, you have likely suffered irreparable damage to the delicate tissue around teeth. In addition to direct damage, the infectious process of gum disease has also been identified as a risk factor in numerous health conditions, including cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

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