Could Your Toothbrush Up Your Oral Hygiene Game?

General Dentistry Ardmore PAWe’re approaching another new year, and you know what that means – resolution time! Some people love making their New Year’s resolutions. Doing so provides the opportunity to set a specific intention and achieve the desired outcome. If you’re not sure what you want to resolve to do this coming year, consider how you can best support your long-term oral health. Maybe this isn’t the flashiest of resolutions, but it is one that comes with huge rewards.

To make big strides in oral health may not be as complicated as you may imagine. What many people have discovered is that a quick-change in their brushing technique is all they needed to make serious headway in preventing oral disease. What is that quick-change? Switching their manual toothbrush to an electrical product!

Oh, The Choices!

Electric toothbrushes used to be pretty streamlined regarding how they worked. Today, we have several categories of products, each providing its unique service to the mouth. While we are listing the types of electric toothbrushes here, do not get caught up in which may be “best.” Research demonstrates that even the most basic models are valuable to oral hygiene.

  • The rotary brush. A rotary electric brush is a type you may remember from childhood, with its gently moving bristles and soft buzzing sound.
  • The sonic brush. Sonic toothbrushes are a step up from a rotary brush in the speed of brush-strokes; up to 31,000 per minute.
  • The ultrasonic brush. Ultrasonic means ultra-fast. The speed of the vibration from an ultrasonic brush is said to dislodge plaque from the teeth and gums.
  • The ionic brush. Ionic toothbrushes don’t move at all; they draw plaque away from teeth and gums via an electrical current.

Who Should Get an Electric Toothbrush?

Would it be wrong to say, everyone? Though. When you look at the research on the performance of electric toothbrushes over manual brushing, it’s hard to see why we don’t all use this hygiene instruments. In particular, electric toothbrushes are beneficial for children and older adults. Children find them fun so are more motivated to brush morning and night. Adults whose hands may be stiff and sore due to arthritis can significantly improve hygiene with the use of a good electric toothbrush.

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