Dr. Lindsey F. Marshall describes the advantages of using dental crowns to restore the smile

Dental Crown | Ardmore, PAAt the practice of Dr. Lindsey Marshall, patients in the area of Ardmore, PA have a variety of restorations they can choose from to repair their smile. When problems such as large fillings, root canal therapy, or damage to a natural tooth occur, it is important to work with a professional to discuss restorations that can offer a layer of protection and strength. In many cases, this may be the placement of a dental crown.

What is a dental crown?

Dr. Lindsey Marshall describes a dental crown as a ceramic “cap” that covers all visible areas of a natural tooth. This restoration is created to act as a barrier against chewing forces to reduce the chance of damaging the natural tooth structure underneath. When patients have had a large amount of the tooth structure removed for the treatment of decay, or have had procedures that are known to weaken the tooth such as root canal therapy, they may be advised to consider the advantages of placing a dental crown over the top. The restoration is custom-made to match size, shape, and color of the existing teeth for seamless integration.

Process of obtaining a dental crown

Once patients have been advised that a dental crown is appropriate for their situation, Dr. Lindsey Marshall starts with the preparations. Preparations require the removal of enamel around the tooth structure. Impressions are then taken and sent with strict instructions to a dental laboratory where the final restoration is made. In many cases, while patients wait for their final crown, a temporary one may be bonded in place. Within two weeks or so, the final crown is mailed back to the dental office and patients return for the removal of the temporary crown and the bonding of the new one.

Find out how crowns can be used in your smile today!

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