Is your Breath Turning on You?

Teeth Cleaning and Dental Hygiene PAWhen you laugh and speak with another human, the last thing you want is to notice bad breath filling the air between you. The last thing you want is for that bad breath to be yours. We all know that our breath can turn south if we eat certain foods. That is a relatively easy problem to deal with. But what happens if you find yourself trying to “freshen up” with mints or gum several times a day? Chronic bad breath is more than frustration; it may indicate that something is going on in your mouth that needs to be handled. Let’s look at a few common causes of bad breath.

  1. Your hygiene. Let’s face it, brushing and flossing are mundane tasks that you do day in and day out for years and years and years. It’s not hard to imagine that we may fall asleep on the job now and then! If your good breath has gone bad, look first at your hygiene. Are you brushing for the full two-minutes that are recommended? Are you brushing all surfaces? Are you brushing your tongue (you shouldn’t)? Brush for two minutes, then floss, then scrape. These three steps should remove the highest amount of bacteria from teeth, in between spaces, and the back of the tongue.
  2. Your hydration. The mouth is not meant to be a desert; that’s why we have saliva. The flow of this fluid over the teeth and soft tissues in the mouth keep the balance between acidity and optimal health. Saliva helps to maintain adequate mineralization and to dilute residue that could lead to cavities, inflammation, and bad breath. If your mouth is chronically dry, talk with your dentist about how to manage moistness.
  3. Your dentures. If you wear dentures and you are concerned about bad breath, you have two jobs. The first is to clean your fixtures every day with an appropriate cleaner. A denture brush can gently remove visible debris, hidden biofilm, and bacteria without abrading acrylic. Your second job is to make sure your dentures fit well. Relining is a periodic update that your dentures will need, especially if fixtures are not retained with dental implants.

Chronic bad breath can deplete your self-esteem. Get the dental care you need from Ardmore dentist Dr. Lindsey Marshall.

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