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Dental Crowns Ardmore, PA | PhiladelphiaIt’s never fun to need a dental crown. Usually, when a crown is needed, at least a little dental pain has developed. Our goal in providing patient care is to relieve that pain as quickly as possible and then to reinstate the highest degree of structural integrity to the tooth that has been damaged. We want your restorations to be the workhorse you need them to be. That is why we are proud to offer metal-free porcelain crowns. These restorations aren’t just attractive; they cover all the bases for long-term function.

A New Spin on Dental Crowns

Until recently, metal crowns had been the norm in dentistry. For many decades, the primary purpose of dentistry was to fix teeth that had been damaged. However that needed to happen, it happened. For millions of our ancestors, that meant living with metallic smiles. For some time, in some circles, this look became a trend. Not anymore. Today, the trend is to keep the smile in its most natural state, even if there is nothing natural left in the smile at all.

Porcelain crowns fit right into this ideal by offering advantages such as:

  • Lifelike appearance. Porcelain is more than the average tooth-colored material. This dental substance resembles enamel more closely than any other to date. This is because porcelain reflects light just like the natural surface of teeth. For front teeth, porcelain is ideal due to the ability to create transparency at the tip, recreating the same nuances of enamel.
  • Lifelike feel.  The fit and contouring of a porcelain crown make it feel as though nothing has changed in the mouth. The tooth that is covered by the porcelain crown will be able to bite and chew without obvious sensations of looseness or friction.
  • Lasting strength. Dental porcelain is a durable material that is useful for anterior and posterior teeth. Whether biting or chewing, a well-made, well-maintained crown can withstand the force.

Tooth damage does not need to open a Pandora’s Box due to poor options in treatment. Learn more about porcelain crowns and our other restorative dentistry services when you contact our Ardmore office.

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