Treat that Cracked Tooth Like Queen Elizabeth — Give it a Crown

dental crownsCrowns have never been a big deal in this country. After all, didn’t we run away from all that crown business on the Mayflower and all of those other ships?

But when you crack a tooth or when a tooth has such a large filling that it is weakened, a crown could be exactly what is needed — a dental crown from Dr. Marshall.

Dr. Marshall uses crowns to repair damaged teeth and to anchor bridges onto adjacent healthy teeth. A crown is a cap placed over the part of the tooth that sits above the gum line. Most dentists create crowns from metals or porcelain, but since Dr. Marshall only uses metal-free, mercury-free products in her office, we only offer porcelain crowns.

Reasons to have a crown, other than birthright

Crowns can have a wide variety of uses, other than adorning the head of someone with IV after his or her name. The most common are:

  • If a tooth is deeply cracked or worn
  • If a tooth has a very large cavity
  • If a tooth has a root canal procedure
  • If a tooth is abnormally small, oddly shaped, or very discolored
  • If a tooth is severely worn
  • To anchor both sides of a bridge

How does Dr. Marshall place a crown?

Fitting and placing a crown requires two appointments at most dentists, but Dr. Marshall has a CEREC system and can provide crowns in a single appointment.

She first removes any decay or areas of the tooth that cannot be salvaged. In cases where a tooth has extensive decay, it can’t simply be filled because the filling will occupy too large an area and won’t have the strength necessary for long-term chewing and biting. A crown is needed.

To prepare your tooth for a crown, once the decayed or damaged portion is removed, Dr. Marshall shaves off some of the healthy portion of the tooth. This is necessary to make room for the crown to be fitted atop the tooth. Precise measurements and intraoral photos of your tooth are taken and entered into the CEREC system. The CEREC software then guides the milling of a porcelain “blank” to match the contours of your tooth, without having to send impressions or measurements to an offsite lab. In minutes when your crown is finished Dr. Marshall checks it for fit and color match with your adjacent teeth, and then permanently bonds it onto the damaged tooth. A little polishing and you’re good to go with a beautiful restored tooth, all in the same appointment!

So, give that damaged or decayed tooth the royal treatment — have Dr. Marshall put a crown on it. Call us at 610-649-0696 for an appointment.

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