What you need to know about dental crowns

Ardmore, PA patients are well aware of how their smile impacts first impressions. In fact, it’s the first facial feature others notice when they meet someone for the first time. If you teeth are weakened, broken, or permanently stained, it can detract from your overall appearance. In situations such as this, Dr. Lindsey Marshall may recommend the fabrication and placement of a dental crown. Crowns have been used for years to restore the smile. If your dentist has recommended a dental crown, read on to learn more about these restorations and what to expect. 

What is a dental crown? 

Dr. Lindsey Marshall describes the dental crown as a “cap” that is bonded over a natural tooth to offer an extra layer of protection and strengthen the natural tooth underneath. This prevents further damage that could result in permanent extraction or other dental problems. 

When do I need a dental crown? 

Patients who have large dental fillings or breakage that significantly impairs the structure of a tooth may be told they could benefit from the placement of a dental crown. Crowns are also part of dental bridges, can restore a worn-out tooth, or can cover a dental implant to act as a false tooth. This versatility is what makes dental crowns a common dental restoration used in most dental facilities. 

What types of crowns are available? 

Most patients choose ceramic or porcelain crowns because they mimic the appearance of natural tooth enamel and are difficult to discern from unrestored teeth. However, other materials may be used in certain circumstances, including metals, stainless steel, or a combination of materials. 

How is a dental crown placed? 

First, the dentist prepares the tooth by removing a thin layer of enamel all the way around it. Impressions are made and used by a dental laboratory to create the dental cap and return it to the dentist within a week or two. Patients arrive back at the office to have their dental crown bonded in place. 

How long will a dental crown last? 

Most patients who have dental crowns placed by an experienced professional such as Dr. Lindsey Marshall will find that their restorations will last a decade or longer with proper care. 

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