Why chewing gum can be good for your oral health

We’ve always been told that candy and treats are bad for us because they contain sugar that can contribute to the formation of cavities. But what about gum? There are reasons why dentists encourage patients to chew gum, and Dr. Lindsey F. Marshall explains why!

Why your dentist encourages gum chewing

To understand the benefits of chewing gum, it helps to have some knowledge as to how our natural saliva works in keeping the smile healthy. Saliva helps in washing out the mouth throughout the day to keep bacteria from harboring in the mouth. Additionally, it can help flush away food particles that may remain int eh mouth after eating. While saliva is primarily water, it also has minerals and proteins that contribute to food digestion and healthy teeth and gums. When patients experience conditions such as dry mouth, they do not have enough saliva present to keep their mouth healthy.

This is where chewing gum comes in handy! By chewing gum, it helps to stimulate saliva production. This supports healthy tooth enamel, offers natural protection against tooth decay, fights germs, allows for patients to swallow easier, and even assists in improving the taste of foods and beverages.

What kind of gum should I choose?

It is vital that you make sure the gum you are chewing is the most appropriate kind for the dental benefits. Dr. Lindsey F. Marshall only recommends sugar-free chewing gum, which eliminates the increased risk of cavities and periodontal disease within the smile. Sugar-free chewing gum can be used as needed when the mouth is dry and to promote a healthier smile. Chewing gum with sugar should be avoided as it is more harmful than helpful when compared with sugar-free options. If you have any concerns about choosing the right gum, do not hesitate to ask our team about recommended brands.

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