Avoid the Halloween Candy Battles With Your Kids This Year

With Halloween just around the corner, you may be preparing for the battles that you have when you tell your children, “no candy.” Our Ardmore dentist, Dr. Lindsey Marshall, would like to shed some light on this subject and discuss finding a balance between consuming candy and keeping your kids’ teeth healthy.

You may feel as though you need to hide all of your children’s candy this year in order to keep them from getting cavities, but, instead, use this holiday as a great opportunity to teach your children about proper dental care and health.

Here are some tips for surviving this holiday without arguments and without cavities:

  • Allow your kids some candy — rather than make candy something that your children feel they have to sneak, let them have a certain number of pieces per day and discuss how it is a treat and not a normal practice.
  • Create a proper brushing schedule — discuss how important it is to clean your teeth after consuming candy. Then, educate your children on effective brushing, flossing, and mouthwash regimens.
  • Try implementing disclosing tabs — using disclosing tabs, solutions, or swabs can help show your children where they’re missing when they brush. It can also make them more effective at brushing and understanding the hidden areas in their mouths.
  • Let brushing time be fun — some toothbrushes feature your children’s favorite characters or may even play music. As long as the products are certified by the American Dental Association (ADA), allow your children some fun when it comes to their oral care.

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