Considering the Cost of Dental Implants

No matter how healthy your teeth are, a missing tooth can make your smile incomplete. If you live in Philadelphia and are looking for a way to replace one or more missing teeth with a good return on your investment, dental implants can restore your grin.

Like dental bridges and partial dentures, dental implants improve the aesthetics of your mouth by filling in gaps with a replacement tooth. However, while dental implants might cost a bit more than these other options, your dental implant has the advantage of being very durable and giving extra support to the entire mouth and underlying bone.

Dental implants are the only tooth replacement option that not only fills in the gap in your smile but the root structure, too. Replacing both a missing tooth and its root has great benefits for your oral health, including:

  • Better appearance, speech, chewing and comfort within the mouth
  • A stronger bite
  • Better health and stability for your gums, with less chance of receding gum line
  • A stronger jaw line that doesn’t reshape to accommodate a missing tooth
  • Decreased chance of bone loss in the tissue beneath your gums

The cost of cosmetic dentistry varies from patient to patient based on dental health and procedural needs. Financing options can help you restore your smile with dental implants while following a payment schedule that’s right for you.

If you live in Philadelphia and would like to learn more about dental implants, please contact Lindsey Marshall, DMD, to schedule a consultation.

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