Don’t Take yourself out of the Tooth Replacement Game with Untruths

Dental ImplantsStories have long been a way of passing down important family folklore; of teaching children the value of positive character traits and much more. With all the value there is to stories, you would think that storytelling could never go awry. On the contrary, it often does. Usually, when it comes to the stories, we tell ourselves. In our Ardmore office, we hear the stories that patients tell to talk themselves out of getting dental implants, and we’d like to set the record straight.

“I would get implants if I were younger.”

There is no age requirement set for how old is too old to get dental implants. If you eat, you can get dental implants! During the consultation for this restorative treatment, what we discuss more than age is general health and the condition of the jawbone. We discuss lifestyle habits, such as smoking, and observe the gums for inflammation or infection. These are the factors that make the most impact on the success of implants, not your biological age.

“I shouldn’t get dental implants.”

The sentiment behind this statement is one of “I don’t deserve.” You deserve. You deserve to have teeth that can chew a steak if that’s what you’d like to eat. You deserve to be understood when you speak (and you need teeth for this). You deserve to have a smile you’re proud of. We can go on and on about the benefits of dental implants, and why you deserve them all. Instead, we will invite you into our office to get the full details on treatment.

“I don’t need tooth replacement.”

There is no tooth loss that does not need to be addressed. Even if only one tooth has been lost, one small gap made, this needs to be closed. More than just closing a gap, dental implants reinstate the structure of the natural tooth. These tiny posts may be hidden beneath the gums, but they add a lot to your smile and oral function.

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