Why should I consider implant-retained dentures?

Implant DenturesRestoring the smile after tooth loss and extraction can be overwhelming for some of the patients who visit Dr. Lindsey F. Marshall of Ardmore, PA. However, there are a wide range of options available to patients to choose from. One of the most highly desirable options for patients who have to replace an entire arch of teeth is that of the implant-retained denture.

What is an implant-retained denture?

An implant-retained denture is a denture alternative that allows for better fit and function. This denture includes just the false teeth which are snapped into place with several dental implants along the arch. These dental implants not only help support the jawbone and avoid the shrinking of the bone, but it also lays a proper foundation for dentures. These dentures have many benefits, making them a solution that improves upon the traditional full denture.

Who is a candidate for an implant-retained denture?

There are many patients who may consider these dentures, and it is important that they are a proper candidate. Below are just a few reasons why adult patients may think of implant-retained dentures for their smile:

  • They are unhappy with the fit and function of their traditional dentures
  • Their dentures are often pushed out by the tongue
  • Patients may not like the way the traditional denture feels on the roof of their mouth
  • Patients want a solution that maintains their natural jaw bone
  • Patients who have conditions such as dry mouth that can make denture-wearing uncomfortable
  • Individuals who do not have enough bone to support a traditional denture
  • Patients seeking a denture they don’t have to worry about in social situations
  • Patients who no longer want to use denture adhesives and are seeking a more natural fit and function

Speak to Dr. Lindsey F. Marshall to discuss implant-retained dentures

If you live in the Ardmore, PA area and are interested in learning more about implant-retained dentures, call the practice at (610) 649-0696 and schedule a consultation visit with Dr. Lindsey F. Marshall. The practice is located in Suburban Square, 32 Parking Plaza, Suite 602 and accepts new patients seeking advanced dentistry and smile artistry!

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