How Can NuCalm Help Me Relax?

Dr. Lindsey Marshall recently added NuCalm technology to her office, providing patients who are anxious about an appointment a way to relax without the use of drugs. If you’d like to learn more about comfort dentistry in or around Main Line, Pennsylvania, Dr. Marshall can discuss your concerns and recommend options for managing your stress.

NuCalm combines dietary supplements to counteract the body’s production of adrenaline with audio-visual technology to lull your brain into a “twilight” state similar to the feeling you get just before falling asleep. Within three to five minutes, it’s possible for patients dreading their appointment to become completely relaxed without the use of narcotics.

While you’re in the deep relaxation state induced by NuCalm, here’s what you can expect:

  • Deep breathing
  • Diminished motor responses, minimizing the risk of flinching during the procedure
  • Neuromuscular release, alleviating tension in muscles of the head, neck and upper back
  • Daydreaming or strange mental associations, similar to what you experience during the initial stages of sleep

Unlike with sedation or anesthesia, NuCalm keeps you awake and cognizant of what’s happening during the procedure, allowing you to experience dentistry without the sense of fear that might have accompanied previous appointments with other dentists.

NuCalm requires no downtime after treatment, meaning you can go home from Dr. Marshall’s office once your appointment is over feeling rejuvenated and positive about visiting your dentist.

To find out more about our comfort dentistry procedures, please contact Dr. Lindsey Marshall, DMD, or call (610) 649-0696 today to schedule your initial appointment. Dr. Marshall serves patients in the area in or around Main Line, Pennsylvania.

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