Lumineers Offer a Wonderful Alternative to Traditional Porcelain Veneers

Lumineers Ardmore PAAt the practice of Dr. Lindsey F. Marshall, patients in the area of Ardmore, PA can achieve a beautiful smile with cosmetic dentistry solutions. Our dental staff works closely with patients to help them enhance the natural teeth and cover imperfections with affordable options such as Lumineers.


What are Lumineers?


Traditional porcelain veneers are thin ceramic facings that are made to bond over the front of the natural tooth to cover imperfections. However, these do require that patients remove healthy portions of natural tooth enamel to place them without adding bulk. Another solution is the use of Lumineers. Lumineers are thinner than traditional porcelain veneers which allows patients to avoid preparatory work for placement. Lumineers can be bonded in place, and later removed, without any permanent changes to the natural teeth. Patients who choose traditional porcelain veneers will have to commit to having them placed for good as the natural teeth are affected.


Do Lumineers look natural?


Absolutely! Our practice focuses on ensuring patients have the best in advanced dentistry and smile artistry. We want every treatment to not only improve the health of the smile but the appearance with natural-looking restorations. Lumineers are fabricated to match the color, shape, and size of the existing teeth to ensure they do not stand out as dental restorations. Patients love the ability to change the look of their smile in a way that is affordable, fast, and beautiful!


Who is a candidate for Lumineers?


Most patients are appropriate candidates for the fabrication and placement of Lumineers as long as their smile is free from periodontal disease and tooth decay. Patients must also be proactive about visiting the dentist on a routine basis to monitor the health of the teeth underneath the restoration. This is because decay and disease can still develop on teeth covered with these restorations.


Ready to enhance the smile with Lumineers?


Contact Dr. Lindsey F. Marshall today to learn more about this and other cosmetic services available at her practice, conveniently located at 32 Parking Plaza, Ste. #602 in the Suburban Square of Ardmore, PA. Patients can book their appointment to consult with the team by calling (610) 649-0696.

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