Seniors May Benefit from These Oral Care Strategies

General Dentistry Ardmore PAOver the course of the last century alone, we have seen an enormous step forward for societies all over the world. In our country alone, we have gone from accepting many of the common age-related conditions as normal to developing strategies that take the bite out of aging. For example, we do not normally see a middle-aged adult presenting him or herself without a full set of teeth. There are two reasons for this. One is that we are better equipped to manage oral health in the modern age. We are more aware of the value of daily oral care. Second, dentistry has also evolved and has many more ways to address dental problems with lasting solutions such as dentures or dental implants.

Historically, the aging smile has been characterized by yellowing, excessive wear, cracks and other damage, and tooth loss. Today, we can hardly tell the difference between the well-maintained 70-year-old smile and one belonging to a 25-year-old. What is important to discuss is how to maintain the aging smile so that long-term oral health and confidence can be enjoyed.

Oral Care Tips for The Older Adult

Research has paved the way for vastly improved oral care. The more we know about the mouth at every age, the better we are at preventing unnecessary problems. One detail gleaned from research is that plaque tends to be a more prevalent problem for adults over the age of 50. Now, we hardly refer to a fifty-year-old as an older adult. What this tiny bit of information does for us is make us aware of the need for personal habits that get the job done. As we age, we can benefit from strategies such as:

  • Switching from a manual toothbrush to an electric device. Electric and sonic toothbrushes vibrate on their own and at a high rate. This is ideal for the adult whose hands are stiff and painful. These instruments are also generally good for those who tend to rush through brushing or who brush too hard.
  • Flossing can also become a challenge as dexterity diminishes with age. Instead of skipping the floss, older adults should talk with their dentist about a flossing tool or water irrigator.
  • Denture wearers are not off the hook for oral care. Dentures need a daily cleaning to inhibit the accumulation of bacteria that could cause gum disease.

Dr. Marshall provides personal dental care to each of our patients. She and our staff can help you develop a list of strategies that will help you avoid uncomfortable dental problems. To schedule a visit to our Ardmore office, call (610) 649-0696.

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