Addressing a gummy smile

Are you self-conscious about how much your gums stand out when you smile? Do you feel embarrassed by the appearance of your smile due to this excess gum tissue? Do you want to finally do something about it to enhance your overall appearance? Dr. Lindsey Marshall and her associates are here to help! Ardmore, PA area patients ready to achieve a more beautiful smile will find that gum recontouring and reshaping can make a dramatic difference.

What causes a gummy smile?

There are many factors that may combine to cause the smile to look gummy and disproportionate. They include:

  • Short teeth caused by improper eruption
  • Naturally small teeth
  • Short upper lip
  • Excess soft tissues
  • Upper jaw overgrowth
  • Upper lip that lifts too high when smiling

One or more of these factors can impact the appearance of the smile. In most situations, a gum lift or “gum recontouring,” can achieve the best look.

What is done during a gum lift?

Many patients are curious as to how a gum lift is performed and what they can expect from the procedure. The gum lift is a simple procedure that is done with a soft tissue laser. The laser will remove excess gum tissue and allow the dentist to reposition the gum line. This exposes more of the teeth’s surfaces and reduces excess gum tissue for a noticeable transformation.

The gum lift can also be combined with other restorations to get a full effect. Some patients choose to have the gum contouring procedure done in conjunction with the placement of porcelain veneers on the front teeth. Additionally, some patients choose to have professional teeth whitening done at the same time to make a dramatic improvement in the overall aesthetics of their smile.

Do you want to improve a gummy smile?

Now is the perfect time to connect with Dr. Lindsey Marshall and her team in Ardmore, PA to discuss the benefits of treating a gummy smile with cosmetic dentistry. Call (610) 649-0696 today to learn more about this and other aesthetic work that can be done to enhance the natural smile and improve self-confidence!

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