Candidacy for Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is growing in popularity among dentists in the US. While previously used for soft tissue procedures, such as periodontal work, lasers are now also used for work directly on the teeth. Some patients find laser dentistry more comfortable and less stressful than dental work performed with traditional instruments. Ardmore, Pennsylvania cosmetic dentist Lindsey Marshall, DMD, can help you determine if laser dentistry is a good approach for your dental work. Almost anyone can be a candidate for laser dentistry, providing the desired procedure can be performed in this way. Laser dentistry is most commonly used for soft tissue procedures, which involve work on the gums and other soft tissues in the mouth. These procedures include :

  • Correcting a “gummy” smile
  • Crown lengthening—often used to provide a better foundation for restorations
  • Frenectomy—used to correct a too-tight frenulum in children who have restricted tongue movement
  • Removing tissue folds—these folds often occur as a result of dentures that do not fit well

Other laser dentistry procedures include :

  • Correcting sensitive teeth—Tooth sensitivity can be caused by tubules on the tooth root that can be closed using lasers
  • Early cavity detection—Using low intensity lasers, Dr. Marshall can detect early decay, ensuring prompt care
  • Preparing teeth for fillings—Lasers can reduce discomfort and even eliminate the need for anesthetics

Depending on what dental work you need to have done, laser dentistry may be appropriate. For more information about laser dentistry and how it can help you, please contact the Ardmore, Pennsylvania area general dentistry offices of Dr. Lindsey Marshall to schedule an appointment or a consultation.

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