Giving Your Teeth the Sci-Fi Treatment with Lasers

laser dentistryWhen thinking about lasers, what usually comes to mind is a stormtrooper on Tatooine or some other Stars Wars scene. But lasers are earning a place in high-tech dentist offices like Dr. Marshall’s, right alongside the drills and the digital x-ray machines. It’s called laser dentistry, and there isn’t a Wookie in sight.

Lasers have a growing role in Dr. Marshall’s office, usually in combination with traditional dental treatments, to reduce patient discomfort and provide more precise results. We use the aptly named Lightwalker Laser, the latest technology in hard and soft tissue dental laser systems.

Finding decay early

Dr. Marshall now frequently uses the Lightwalker Laser on hard tissue, the clinical term for the teeth. She uses it to test for cavities, to remove decayed tooth tissue, and to prepare cavities for filling. Here are some of the benefits of these uses of lasers:

  • Early cavity detection
  • Preservation of more healthy tooth structure
  • Less tooth sensitivity
  • Less risk to the pulp at the tooth center
  • Quicker treatment
  • No annoying drilling noise

Lasers can limit the amount of drilling needed and can even eliminate the need for anesthesia. Occasionally, we can’t use lasers: when teeth already contain filings, for cavities located between the molars, or to prepare a tooth for a crown or bridge.

Lasers and gums

Lasers first came into the dental industry for treating various gum issues. They are very precise, and they cause less bleeding because they cauterize the blood vessels while trimming the gums.

Periodontal disease — We use lasers for root planing and scaling, the removal of bacteria and infected tissue from periodontal pockets, surgical reshaping of the gums to reduce the size and depth of periodontal pockets, and to promote reattachment of the gum to the tooth root. Lasers reduce the bacterial counts along the gum line.

Gum recontouring — We use the Lightwalker Laser to fix gummy smiles, to create a more symmetrical gum line, and to prepare the gum line for a crown. The laser vaporizes unwanted tissue. These are some of the benefits to using lasers in gum treatment:

  • Less bleeding and swelling
  • Less pain
  • Quicker healing
  • Reduced infection risk
  • Ability to work on multiple areas of the mouth in a single session
  • Greater precision in tissue removal

Dr. Marshall also uses the laser on lesions such as cold sores and oral ulcers.

Let’s take the lasers out of science fiction and use them to address your dental problems. Call Dr. Marshall at 610-649-0696 and let’s talk about laser dentistry.

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