What Laser Dentistry Means for You

Laser Dentistry PAIf you find yourself face to face with a dental problem such as a cavity, an infected root canal, or even a gummy smile, one of your greatest goals may be to resolve this issue as quickly and as painlessly as possible. We share in that desire, which is why we are proud to perform laser dentistry treatment in our Ardmore office.

Laser dentistry is exactly as it sounds, it is the use of appropriate laser devices for various procedures. More and more, lasers are being incorporated into diagnostics (laser cavity finders), cosmetic dentistry (gum contouring), and restorative dentistry (periodontal treatment and more). Dentists like Dr. Marshall obtain training in laser dental techniques for one reason: improved patient outcomes.

How Laser Dentistry Helps You

There are several benefits that patients receive when their treatment involves laser techniques. These include:

  • Improved overall comfort. Laser cavity detection is quick and feels less intrusive than poking around for soft spots in enamel. Cavity preparation with a laser eliminates the vibration of the dental drill, reducing the need for anesthetic. Gum treatments are also streamlined and more comfortable due to the non-invasive nature of laser techniques.
  • Minimal tissue trauma. Laser devices emit energy with pinpoint precision. The more precise the technique, the less disruption there is to hard or soft tissue. In some instances, the efficacy of laser treatments removes the need for post-operative sutures.
  • Less bleeding and swelling. The concentrated focus of laser energy affects the target area only, minimizing trauma to oral tissue. Gentle heat from the laser also simultaneously cauterizes blood vessels to keep bleeding to a minimum. Post-operative swelling is also decreased due to the precision effectiveness of the dental laser.
  • Faster recovery. Recuperating from dental surgery is much more pleasant with laser technology than standard incisions and stitches. Ultimately, the expedited recovery phase is probably the leading advantage of laser dentistry.
  • Lower infection risk. In addition to “cutting” and “drilling” soft and hard tissues with near-perfect accuracy, laser dental instruments also promote a sterile surgical field. As such, the risk of infection and complications is reduced.

Dr. Marshall discusses the details of recommended therapies as needed to help patients choose treatment that will meet their needs. To schedule a visit with us, call (610) 649-0696.

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