The Controversy Regarding Mercury Amalgam

Mercury amalgam has been used for over 150 years to repair teeth damaged by decay. In recent years, however, mercury amalgam has come under fire from several groups who feel that the leeching of mercury vapor from fillings can cause extensive, long-term health issues. Although scientific studies have yet to confirm this belief, Dr. Lindsey Marshall’s Mainline, Pennsylvania area dentistry practice is completely metal free in order to provide you with the best possible care. Is Mercury Amalgam Harmful? Mercury is undeniably a neurotoxin that, in large quantities, can cause serious neurological problems, among other health issues. Dental amalgam consists of about fifty percent mercury, and people with large numbers of amalgam fillings have been shown to have a higher percentage of mercury in their bloodstream. Whether this causes long-term problems has yet to be definitively determined. However, amalgam fillings present other problems that are not related to their mercury content. Amalgam fillings contract and expand in response to temperature changes, often leading to cracks in the teeth. They also can be temperature sensitive, and require a large amount of the tooth to be restructured before they can be placed. Alternatives to Mercury Amalgam Because of the controversy surrounding dental amalgam, many people have chosen to have their fillings replaced with porcelain materials. Porcelain fillings provide several advantages over amalgam fillings, including:

  • They are color-matched to your teeth
  • Porcelain bonds with the tooth
  • Porcelain does not expand contract

For those patients who so desire, Dr. Marshall offers replacement porcelain fillings. In addition, she provides only porcelain fillings and crowns for any new restorative work. For more information about porcelain fillings and dental amalgam, please contact Dr. Lindsey Marshall at her Mainline, Pennsylvania area dentistry offices.

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