A Lesson in Enamel Protection

When you look at your teeth, what you observe is the hard outer shell made up of enamel. Many people do not realize the importance of good, strong enamel. As it is, this material is the hardest in the body. However, it can be degraded if we’re not careful. Here, we will look at a… [Read more]

Why your Dentist could be Among your Favorite People

Sad as it is, there are millions of people who make statements such as “I hate seeing the dentist!”, or sigh in protest when the time comes for their routine checkup and cleaning. The dental team in our Ardmore dental office know that approximately 75% of American patients experience some degree of anxiety when they… [Read more]

Understanding Dental Implants

Tooth replacement may be the farthest thing from your mind when you think about your smile. Ultimately, it should be, because tooth loss is largely something within our control. In the last century alone, we have made great strides in preserving the natural oral structure using routine hygiene as a base. While we have come… [Read more]

THIS is Why you See the Dentist

For many people, seeing the dentist is something that tends to fall toward the bottom of their list of things to do. Taking time out of your busy schedule to see the dentist may seem unnecessary. If you are one who experiences dental anxiety, a busy schedule may be no more than a perfect excuse… [Read more]

Your Mouth is Telling Secrets

You know that your dentist is primarily concerned with how well your teeth and gums fair as you go through life. Routine dental visits are performed as a way to prevent unhealthy dental conditions, to treat any problems that may have developed, and sometimes to repair a cosmetic issue. You may not have imagined that… [Read more]

Coffee Makes Everything Better…or Does it?

We love coffee quotes as much as the next person. Coffee really can seem like it makes everything better! According to recent research, this isn’t far off base, either, at least at it pertains to general health. A healthy coffee habit is now thought to have a positive effect on everything from Parkinson’s Disease to… [Read more]

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