How Do I Get Invisalign®?

Invisalign® offers many advantages over traditional orthodontics, including the ability to brush and floss normally, eat normally, and straighten your teeth with minimal visual disruption. While it is not the right solution for every smile, Invisalign® could be the way to straighten your teeth without the hassle and look of traditional braces. Getting Invisalign®? The… [Read more]

How Are Dental Implants Placed?

For many years, the only options for patients with missing teeth were fixed or removable restorations that sat on top of the gum tissue where there once was a tooth. Even improvements in dental materials and technology didn’t change the fact that only the tooth above the gum line was being replaced. Now, patients in… [Read more]

Spring Clean Your Smile Without Breaking the Bank

At the start of spring, everyone assesses their wardrobe to find the best options for augmenting their look. If you live in the Philadelphia area and your smile could use refreshed after a winter of hot chocolate and rich foods, tooth whitening is a cost-effective way to rejuvenate your appearance. Though some patients are able… [Read more]

How Does Zoom! Tooth Whitening Work?

If you’re thinking about teeth bleaching, you’ve likely heard of Philips Zoom! Zoom tooth whitening has gained a deserved reputation for being a fast, reliable solution for a brighter smile. Patients who visit Dr. Marshall for in-office teeth whitening in the Philadelphia area often rave about the results they are able to get with Zoom!… [Read more]

How Many Teeth Can Be Replaced With Dental Implants?

Patients with missing teeth are often embarrassed about the empty space in their smile. They are also at risk for oral health issues like bone loss. Ardmore implant dentist Dr. Lindsey Marshall has experience helping patients who have lost teeth completely restore the look and feel of their smiles. Dental implants are the only option… [Read more]

Dr. Marshall Earns LVI Fellowship

Dr. Marshall believes that taking advantage of continuing education opportunities is critical to offering her patients knowledgeable treatment. Her commitment to ongoing learning is exemplified by distinctions such as her recognition as an LVI Fellow by the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. LVI dentists receive cutting-edge, hands-on training from experienced instructors at the… [Read more]

What Is an Invisalign® Preferred Provider?

Dr. Marshall is proud to be recognized as a 2015 Invisalign® Preferred Provider! To help our Philadelphia area patients understand what this honor means and how it is beneficial for their Invisalign® treatment, here’s a look at the Preferred Provider status. Each year the company behind Invisalign® recognizes the practitioners who help the most patients… [Read more]

Are Dental Implants Right for Me?

Dr. Marshall understands that any type of tooth replacement is an investment in your beauty and oral health. For patients who are weighing costs and benefits, the high success rate and lifetime advantages often make dental implants our patients’ preferred option for replacing lost teeth. In most cases, the patients who benefit from dental implants… [Read more]

Tooth Whitening for a New Year’s Smile

Fireworks are a fixture of New Year’s Eve, a way to welcome a time of beginnings with a bang. Do you want your smile to have the same astonishing impact? Philadelphia dentist Dr. Lindsey Marshall might recommend teeth whitening to restore luster to your smile. If you are happy with the overall shape and symmetry… [Read more]

How Long Does a Dental Crown Take to Place?

Dr. Lindsey F. Marshall knows that your time is valuable. In order to provide the combination of time savings and quality work her patients expect, Dr. Marshall uses a wide range of advanced equipment to provide dental crowns and other services. For years, getting a tooth crown was a two-step process. During the first visit,… [Read more]

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