How to improve your flossing routine

A survey by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) reports that approximately 70% of Americans do not brush and floss as directed by their dentist and dental hygienist. It is vital that patients realize how detrimental this can be to one’s oral health and wellness, and learn more about how it impacts their smile. Brushing… [Read more]

Five benefits of dental implants

Dental implants are a popular choice for patients tin Ardmore, PA who are faced with tooth loss. These restorations are highly desirable for many reasons. They provide benefits that no other alternative, such as bridges or dentures, can offer. Below are just a few of the primary reasons why patients will choose to have dental… [Read more]

The impact of transformative dentistry

When patients have several different problems present in their smile, they may feel as though their smile is beyond repair. Fortunately, with the help of Dr. Lindsey Marshall and her team in Ardmore, PA, many patients can enjoy the benefits of transformative dentistry. Transformative dentistry is a way to restore the smile’s natural appearance and… [Read more]

Who is at risk of sleep apnea?

While certain factors can contribute to a patient’s risk of developing sleeping disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea, including being overweight or physically inactive, there are times when this condition can affect even the young and healthy. Anyone can develop obstructive sleep apnea during their lifetime, regardless of their current medical health. What is obstructive… [Read more]

Reasons to keep your dental implant clean

It is no surprise that dental implants are one of the most popular methods of replacing missing teeth today. With continued advances in the field of dentistry, patients are now shying away from partial dentures and bridges and considering the many benefits that dental implants provide. Dr. Lindsey Marshall and her team are dedicated to… [Read more]

When should I consider dental implants?

While the loss of baby teeth is part of the development of the smile, the loss of adult teeth is not. Once you have your permanent, adult teeth, you need to care for them properly so they will last a lifetime. But what if the unexpected happens? What if trauma knocks out a permanent tooth… [Read more]

Restore the smile using quality porcelain veneers

As great as it would be, not everyone is born with a naturally beautiful smile. Things happen, imperfections develop, and breakage might occur due to trauma. When these situations arise, there may be a need to restore the smile’s appearance with cosmetic dental solutions. Dr. Lindsey Marshall is excited to offer a solution for patients… [Read more]

Improve your smile using gum recontouring procedures

Different cosmetic concerns can arise for patients, but a gummy smile is a little different than a chipped or misaligned tooth. However, it can make a big impact on the way a person looks. Instead of accepting the appearance of a gummy smile, patients in the Ardmore, PA area can speak with a professional dentist… [Read more]

What are the benefits of tooth bonding?

Dental bonding, one of many cosmetic dental procedures available with Dr. Lindsey Marshall, is quickly becoming a popular choice for addressing cosmetic tooth concerns quickly, easily, and affordably. While there are a range of other treatments that can achieve similar results, patients love the many benefits composite resin restorations have in comparison. Patients interested in… [Read more]

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