Dr. Marshall Named Top Cosmetic Dentist by Philadelphia Magazine

Dr. Lindsey Marshall prides herself on combining extensive training, experience, and an artistic sensibility to provide her patients with exceptional smiles. She has received a number of awards from her peers and professional organizations. Now, she is pleased to be recognized as a Top Dentist in the February issue of Philadelphia Magazine for excellence in… [Read more]

How Can NuCalm Help Me Relax?

Dr. Lindsey Marshall recently added NuCalm technology to her office, providing patients who are anxious about an appointment a way to relax without the use of drugs. If you’d like to learn more about comfort dentistry in or around Main Line, Pennsylvania, Dr. Marshall can discuss your concerns and recommend options for managing your stress.… [Read more]

A New Smile for the New Year

Many people begin a New Year with the goal of an improved appearance. If you’d like to start 2014 with teeth that dazzle friends, family, colleagues and others, Ardmore dentist Dr. Lindsey Marshall can help you develop a custom smile makeover plan that beautifies multiple aspects of your mouth. A smile makeover is an individualized… [Read more]

How Dental Implants Can Reduce Denture Discomfort

The decision to use false teeth can be challenging because of the aesthetic, comfort and health challenges that might affect denture wearers. If you’re struggling with questions about tooth replacement, Philadelphia implant dentist Dr. Lindsey Marshall can assess the condition of your mouth and recommend treatment options. Though dentures have become more sophisticated since our… [Read more]

What Causes Bone Loss?

Strong, healthy bone is an important prerequisite for determining whether or not you’re a candidate for dental implants. Philadelphia implant dentist Dr. Lindsey Marshall will examine the bones supporting your mouth to assess your suitability for dental implants or other cosmetic dentistry procedures. Many different factors can compromise the strength and stability of bone within… [Read more]

How Long Does Invisalign Take?

Invisalign® has a treatment length comparable to that of metal braces. Depending on your unique case, your Invisalign treatment could take anywhere between 6 months or a couple of years to complete. Severe bite problems and tooth crookedness tends to require more time. As you and Dr. Lindsey Marshall plan your Invisalign® treatment, she will determine… [Read more]

Considering the Cost of Dental Implants

No matter how healthy your teeth are, a missing tooth can make your smile incomplete. If you live in Philadelphia and are looking for a way to replace one or more missing teeth with a good return on your investment, dental implants can restore your grin. Like dental bridges and partial dentures, dental implants improve… [Read more]

The Value and Affordability of Cosmetic Dentistry

Although we cannot guarantee that cosmetic dentistry will change your life, we can tell you that many of our past patients have experienced many positive changes brought about by improving their smiles. Cosmetic dentistry can be life-changing, and you may experience: Improved self-esteem and self-image Positive feelings about your smile and overall appearance Greater confidence in… [Read more]

What Problems does Invisalign fix?

Invisalign® can address a variety of bite problems. Of course, the only way to know for sure is to visit our experienced dentist Dr. Lindsey Marshall. After an examination of your teeth and bite, Dr. Marshall can determine if Invisalign is capable of achieving your goals and if there are any alternatives you may want… [Read more]

How much does Cosmetic Dentistry Cost?

Cosmetic dentistry costs vary dramatically by cosmetic dentist, region, specific treatment and other factors. The only way to know for sure how much a cosmetic dentistry treatment will cost is to visit cosmetic dentist Dr. Lindsey Marshall and discuss the various treatments and cosmetic dentistry costs. Cosmetic dentistry treatments can range from hundreds of dollars… [Read more]

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