Restore your smile with dental veneers

Unfortunately, for some individuals, a beautiful, perfect smile doesn’t come as a natural occurrence. Imperfect smiles might cause patients to feel self-conscious about their appearance and hide their teeth when socializing with friends, family, and coworkers. Instead of living with these aesthetic concerns, it might be a great time for patients to consider treatment using… [Read more]

Why should I consider dental implants?

Extracted or lost teeth within the smile may be normal during the natural development as children, when the baby teeth are lost to make room for permanent teeth. These permanent teeth, or adult teeth, are intended to last a lifetime with proper care. However, if patients experience disease or decay that causes them to lose… [Read more]

Here are the five benefits of flossing

Taking care of the smile at home is incredibly important to one’s oral health and wellness. Home healthcare is key to reducing the risk of developing conditions such as periodontal disease and tooth decay. Dr. Lindsey Marshall of Ardmore, PA encourages patients to book an appointment to learn more about how they can care for… [Read more]

What is the best and most proper brushing technique?

Dr. Lindsey Marshall and her team of professionals in Ardmore, PA work closely with patients to help them learn about ways to prevent the development of common dental concerns, including gum disease and tooth decay. With preventive, proactive care, many patients can keep their smiles healthy for life! Many patients who visit our team of… [Read more]

Using cosmetic dentistry to enhance the smile

Cosmetic dental procedures are a wonderful option for adult men and women who are unhappy with the appearance of their smiles. At the practice of Dr. Lindsey Marshall, Ardmore, PA area patients have a selection of services to choose from to achieve an attractive smile! Dr. Lindsey Marshall is proud to offer the following cosmetic… [Read more]

Are you considering dental implants for tooth replacement?

Maintaining a beautiful smile starts with proper oral healthcare habits. Dr. Lindsey Marshall and her team in Ardmore, PA are committed to providing patients with a range of restorative options when teeth have been extracted or lost to ensure the smile stays attractive and healthy. Many patients are excited to learn more about dental implants… [Read more]

Addressing a gummy smile

Are you self-conscious about how much your gums stand out when you smile? Do you feel embarrassed by the appearance of your smile due to this excess gum tissue? Do you want to finally do something about it to enhance your overall appearance? Dr. Lindsey Marshall and her associates are here to help! Ardmore, PA… [Read more]

How impacted food can affect dental implants

Dr. Lindsey F. Marshall of Ardmore, PA can help patients restore their smile with the placement and restoration of dental implants. With reasonable and proper care, many patients will enjoy their dental implants for many, many years. Unfortunately, there are times where a dental implant may fail. In the rare instances that this occurs, one… [Read more]

Why chewing gum can be good for your oral health

We’ve always been told that candy and treats are bad for us because they contain sugar that can contribute to the formation of cavities. But what about gum? There are reasons why dentists encourage patients to chew gum, and Dr. Lindsey F. Marshall explains why! Why your dentist encourages gum chewing To understand the benefits… [Read more]

How to stop tooth pain

Your dentist is an integral part of your overall heath, and can provide the treatments needed to maintain a lifetime of healthy smiles. When problems arise, it is always a smart idea to speak to a professional to get a proper diagnosis and treatment recommendation. If tooth pain occurs, it is often the sign of… [Read more]

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