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Snoring Treatment Ardmore PA

When Snoring Points to a Bigger Problem

Snoring is a problem, are we right? Maybe not the periodic, light snore that happens when we’ve had a particularly long day; maybe not the snoring that occurs when we have a cold or when our allergies act up. Snoring that goes on all night long, night after night, though, that’s a problem. You may… [Read more]

Sedation Dentistry Ardmore PA

Smart Dentistry Offers Substantial Rewards

Dentistry is a field of practice that is relatively new in the grand scheme of history. While ancient Greek intellects like Hippocrates and Aristotle wrote about dental topics many centuries ago, dentistry was not formalized into a field of practice until the 1800s. It may have taken an extraordinary time to get from one point… [Read more]

General Dentistry Ardmore PA

Oh, Prosecco, say it Isn’t So!

Just like trends in fashion change from time to time, we also notice certain patterns that revolve around food and beverage consumption. For example, in recent years, sales of Prosecco, the sweet sister of champagne, have started to soar. Prosecco is a lovely sparkling wine that is a hit at summertime gatherings due to its… [Read more]

Teeth Whitening Ardmore PA

Questions to Ask Before Teeth Whitening

It isn’t difficult to see why teeth whitening is such a popular cosmetic treatment. Multiple surveys have revealed why approximately 80% of adults express a desire for a brighter, whiter smile. When observing images of people with beautiful, white teeth, survey participants used words like “successful,” “outgoing,” and “trustworthy” to describe their opinion of those… [Read more]

Lumineers Ardmore PA

Need a Reason to See Your Dentist? We Have Some!

We could assume that just about every adult in our country has seen the dentist at some point in their life. What often happens is that dental care begins during early childhood. Decades ago, before modern techniques and advanced knowledge had been gained, many children’s first experiences with dentistry involved the need for restorative care.… [Read more]

Dental Veneers Ardmore PA

Is There a Way to Make Veneers Last Longer?

Cosmetic dental treatments like porcelain veneers require a bit of investment. There is an investment of resources devoted to the appearance of the smile since veneers are not a covered service for most insurance companies. Then, there is an investment of time, since it takes two office visits over a few weeks’ time to complete… [Read more]

Smile Makeover Ardmore PA

Is a Smile Makeover in Your Future?

Every day, when you brush and floss your teeth, there is an opportunity to look in the mirror. Do you take it? Does the appearance of your smile make you want to observe it? Share it with others? If it doesn’t, you may have wondered about the potential of a smile makeover. This term, usually… [Read more]

Invisalign Ardmore PA

Invisalign: We Know Timing Matters to You

An interesting thing happens when a person decides that she no longer wants to live with her crooked smile: results cannot come fast enough. We see this time and time again, and are appreciative to have the opportunity to help patients address their needs in a manner that suits them best. One of the treatment… [Read more]

General Dentistry Ardmore PA

Seniors May Benefit from These Oral Care Strategies

Over the course of the last century alone, we have seen an enormous step forward for societies all over the world. In our country alone, we have gone from accepting many of the common age-related conditions as normal to developing strategies that take the bite out of aging. For example, we do not normally see… [Read more]

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