Gum Recontouring Ardmore, PA

Gum Contouring is an Option for Gummy Smiles

At the practice of Dr. Lindsey F. Marshall, patients in the community of Ardmore, PA have access to some of the most advanced solutions in cosmetic dentistry. This includes gum recontouring procedures for patients who have a “gummy smile.” What is a gummy smile? When patients smile and their teeth seem smaller and shorter when… [Read more]

General Dentistry Ardmore, PA

Oral Health During Pregnancy

Pregnancy has a way of turning a woman’s life upside down in the best possible way. Between that baby bump and breathing methods and baby showers, we can hardly expect a mom-to-be to put much thought into her smile. That’s our job. If you are in the whirlwind time of pregnancy, we want you to… [Read more]

Dental Implants Ardmore, PA

What is the True Cost of Dental Implants?

Every time you see the dentist, there is an investment being made in your smile. Sometimes, the expense of smile upkeep is actually fun and exciting, like when you get your teeth whitened. Much of the time, it’s just a necessity. For some patients, managing oral health and an attractive smile might feel overwhelming. Tooth… [Read more]

Dental Crowns Ardmore, PA

Why Would My Dental Crown Hurt?

One of the driving objectives in our office is to help patients sidestep unnecessary dental problems. Our best chance of doing that is to schedule routine care every six months. In case you’ve ever wondered why your dentist does this, now you know. We would love to spend each visit checking and cleaning teeth rather… [Read more]

Dental Bonding | Ardmore, PA

Could a Dental Bridge Give You Back Your Smile?

Losing a tooth can mean losing your desire to smile. Fortunately, modern dentistry offers affordable long-term solutions for people who want to get their smile back in working order as quickly as possible. The dental bridge is the original model of partial tooth replacement that proved to be efficient. While we have advanced quite a… [Read more]

Snoring Treatment Ardmore PA

When Snoring Points to a Bigger Problem

Snoring is a problem, are we right? Maybe not the periodic, light snore that happens when we’ve had a particularly long day; maybe not the snoring that occurs when we have a cold or when our allergies act up. Snoring that goes on all night long, night after night, though, that’s a problem. You may… [Read more]

Sedation Dentistry Ardmore PA

Smart Dentistry Offers Substantial Rewards

Dentistry is a field of practice that is relatively new in the grand scheme of history. While ancient Greek intellects like Hippocrates and Aristotle wrote about dental topics many centuries ago, dentistry was not formalized into a field of practice until the 1800s. It may have taken an extraordinary time to get from one point… [Read more]

General Dentistry Ardmore PA

Oh, Prosecco, say it Isn’t So!

Just like trends in fashion change from time to time, we also notice certain patterns that revolve around food and beverage consumption. For example, in recent years, sales of Prosecco, the sweet sister of champagne, have started to soar. Prosecco is a lovely sparkling wine that is a hit at summertime gatherings due to its… [Read more]

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