Dental Phobia

Phobia, or an irrational fear of something, can take a variety of forms. One of the most common is dental phobia. Some who suffer from dental phobia are so terrified of going to the dentist that they let their oral care fall by the wayside. Over time, you may suffer from lost teeth, gum disease, extensive decay and many other problems. To help those with dental phobia, Lindsey Marshall, DMD provides sedation dentistry for her Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area general dentistry patients. Where Dental Phobia Comes From The source of dental phobia differs according to the individual. Perhaps you had a difficult time with the dentist when you were a child, having numerous cavities with each visit. Going to the dentist didn’t mean a quick cleaning and fluoride treatment for you, but another round of fillings or other treatments that were painful. Or perhaps you were unlucky enough to visit a dentist who did not deal well with children, or who did not go to extremes to ensure all patients were comfortable, pain-free and relaxed. Any of these experiences could lead to dental phobia, and, unfortunately, these experiences are not uncommon. Avoiding regular dental care, though, is not the answer. Help for Dental Phobia Fortunately, today dentists are more aware of dental phobia than ever. Techniques such as sedation dentistry, or painless dentistry, help many people relax during their dental visits so long-neglected work can finally be addressed. With a light sedative or nitrous oxide, you can feel relaxed and stress-free throughout even a complicated dental procedure. If you suffer from dental phobia and live in the Philadelphia, Main Line, or Ardmore, Pennsylvania area, please contact the offices of Dr. Lindsey Marshall for more information. We can help you put aside your dental phobia and get the oral care you need.

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