Dental Procedures with Zero Pain! How?

For people with dental anxiety, a routine trip to the dentist can mean debilitating panic. Sufferers of dental anxiety may put off treatment for months or even years which can lead to serious complications for their oral health, and their total wellbeing. However, with sedation dentistry, patients in Philadelphia can have a very different dental experience.

Sedation Dentistry and Beyond

The risks for not getting routine dental care are higher than you may think. Poor oral health is closely tied to many other serious health conditions including heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and infections.

Dr. Lindsey Marshall and her team have developed a Comfort Menu of options for helping patients with dental anxiety. Here are some of the options available:

  • The Wand:  a computer-assisted device that provides continuous administration of sedatives.
  • NuCalm:  a program that includes dietary supplements, microcurrent stimulation, headphones with soothing music and neuroacoustic tones, and light-blocking eye mask to induce a state of deep relaxation.
  • Sedation Dentistry:  the use of sedatives to put the patient into a “twilight state” where pain is eliminated and the patient can feel relaxed without general anesthesia.
  • Anxiolysis:  a group of anti-anxiety medications that can help you relax during your visit, reducing jumpiness, rapid breathing or heartrate, and heightened sensitivity to environmental stimulus.

All of these tools are available in Dr. Marshall’s office, but she knows that the most important factor to success for her dental anxiety patients is trust. Dr. Marshall will take the time to discuss all of your options and explain the dental procedures you need.

Please contact the office of Dr. Lindsey Marshall today for a consultation by calling (800) 237-5935. Dr. Marshall serves patients in Philadelphia, Main Line, and Ardmore Pennsylvania.

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