What Oral Conscious Sedation Feels Like

Sedation Dentistry Ardmore PAGetting “clammy” in the palms is not unusual when you have to see the dentist. This is common for a lot of people. Dental anxiety is different. You may know if you have dental anxiety if you find it difficult to even pick up the phone and schedule the checkup and cleaning you’ve been skipping for years. That’s what dental anxiety does. Ultimately, what dental anxiety does is create a repeating pattern in which there is fear, so there is no dental care; then a problem becomes painful, so a dental procedure must be done, which creates more fear.

Let’s stop this cycle, shall we?

In our Ardmore general and cosmetic dentistry practice, we believe in comfort. We even have a menu dedicated to painless dentistry so more patients can find their way to a healthier smile. There are several add-on services included in this menu, including NuCalm and a special injection technique to take all the stress out of local anesthetic. Also on this menu is oral conscious sedation.

What is oral conscious sedation?

When we think of being sedated, what pops into most people’s mind is being “put under” general anesthesia. This is reserved for major surgeries. Even the IV sedation that is used in some dental practices does not interrupt a person’s ability to breathe independently and swallow on their own. Oral conscious sedation isn’t even close to this. At the same time, it is a common and very popular technique because it works well for patients who want to set their nervousness aside and improve comfort during dental care.

On the technical side, oral conscious sedation involves the administration of a prescription anxiolytic, or anti-anxiety drug. This medication depresses or sedates, the central nervous system. Consequently, the external stimulation that normally causes anxiety does not affect. The mind and body relax, and dental treatment can be performed safely and efficiently.

What Patients Feel with Conscious Sedation

We understand that, when dental anxiety exists, there may also be questions about available types of sedation. Most patients want to know what it will feel like to be sedated, and some may feel nervous about this aspect of care as well. Oral conscious sedation is meant to be relaxing. The mind that is busy with fear is calmed, and heart rate drops to a normal, non-anxious state. Some patients to reach such a nice state of relaxation that they doze off briefly. However, there is always the ability to communicate with our team.

Working with your dentist, you can develop strategies to help you manage dental anxiety. For more information, call (610) 649-0696.

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