Oral Sedation does more than Calm your Dental Anxiety

sedation dentistryAcross the country, there are millions of men and women who put off making that appointment with their dentist. You know, the one that could help them resolve pain; the one that could save their tooth or teeth from unruly disease. In our Ardmore dental office, patients have options for reducing dental anxiety. Dr. Marshall believes in creating positive dental experiences, and she backs this up with care that revolves around comfort. If you find yourself avoiding dental care that could keep you out of pain, consider the advantages available with oral conscious sedation.

The obvious benefit of any form of sedation is that you can sit back and truly relax while we care for your teeth. Other reasons why patients choose sedation include:

  • Physical comfort. Make no mistake, we have designed our office for maximum comfort. Patients may listen to soothing music while they are in the treatment room, and they are pre-treated with local anesthetic before dental work. That does not mean that some people simply grow restless or uncomfortable after sitting for some time. Sedation creates a calm mind and a relaxed body, alleviating any muscle soreness that could occur due to tension.
  • Improved healing. Dentists and their patients have noticed that the physical relaxation that occurs under sedation leads to the wonderful side effect of faster healing. Because the jaw muscles, as well as those in the neck, shoulders, and back, are naturally more relaxed during treatment, there tends to be less post-treatment soreness.
  • Convenience. Dental sedation is not only for the fearful patient; it is also a common adjunct treatment for the patient who wants to “get it over with.” Because sedation causes physical and mental relaxation, treatment feels like it goes by faster. This enables patients to combine appropriate treatments into one comfortable visit.

Oral conscious sedation is just one of several options our patients have to alleviate fear associated with dental care. We are happy to speak with you about our relaxation services, which also include all-natural NuCalm, so you can decide which approach is best for you. Call 610-649-0696.

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