What is Pain-Free Dentistry?

Pain-Free DentistryIf you or anyone in your family avoid the dentist because of painful procedures or needles, our Philadelphia dentist has the perfect solution! We offer treatments with a computerized device known as “The Wand.” The Wand enables our dentist, Dr. Lindsey Marshall, to numb and make you comfortable for important dental procedures without pain or fear.

How Does The Wand Work?

Typically, when a patient experiences a great amount of pain during the numbing process of a dental procedure it is because of the depth at which the needle is inserted and the amount of time the solution has to be injected. The Wand eliminates all of this by providing a consistent and slow amount of anesthetic. It utilizes computerized technology to deliver the anesthesia at the right depth and at the right times to keep you calm, free from pain, and free from needles.

Additionally, The Wand will only deliver anesthesia to the tooth or teeth that need it, meaning your whole mouth won’t experience the anesthesia. This keeps the numbness solely to the designated areas.

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Dr. Lindsey Marshall utilizes all of her skills to ensure that you and your family are comfortable and confident in all of your dental procedures. She will use The Wand or many of our other painless dentistry options to keep you calm and pain-free. When you have a serious dental problem, waiting can only exacerbate it, so please contact us today at (610) 649-0696.

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