What is Painless Dentistry?

One of the most common reasons cited for avoiding the dentist is fear of pain and discomfort. Unfortunately, this fear of the dentist can lead to long-term, serious problems and greatly compromise your overall dental health.For those who suffer from fear of the dentist, Lindsey Marshall, DMD, offers painless dentistry for her Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area general dentistry patients. How Painless Dentistry Works Painless dentistry works by not only removing any pain or discomfort from your dental visit, but also by removing your anxiety. Before beginning any work on your teeth, Dr. Marshall will provide a light sedative in pill form or will offer nitrous oxide. Either of these mild sedatives will help you pass your time in the dentist’s chair quickly, painlessly and without anxiety. How Does Painless Dentistry Feel? Whether you choose a pill or nitrous oxide, you will feel a bit “floaty,” as if you are in a dream-like state. Time seems to pass more quickly, and although you are aware of where you are and what Dr. Marshall is doing, you will be anxiety-free and completely relaxed. Many people who have suffered from a life-long fear of the dentist have found significant relief through painless dentistry. Using painless dentistry can help you keep your teeth at their best by allowing you to schedule any necessary procedures knowing that your fear will be alleviated. Painless dentistry also allows Dr. Marshall to perform multiple procedures in one sitting, if necessary, because you will be completely relaxed and your anxiety will not affect her ability to work quickly and efficiently. If you have avoided dental work in the past and are concerned about your oral health, painless dentistry may be the answer you have been waiting for. For information about painless dentistry in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area, please contact the offices of Dr. Lindsey Marshall to make an appointment.

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